Heemetkunscht Original Paintings

Seh un Dechder vunn Pennsilfaania


Seh un Dechder vunn Pennsilfaania

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Pennsylvania German text found in the design:
Seh un Dechder vunn Pennsilfaani:
Harrich mol wos ich fer saage hab aa.
In re Welt voll mit Schaefli, sei en Haert.
Guck mol wie schee dei Land iss. Hab den Sunneuffgang des Deitschlands im Aag, un sie warre immer ermaahnt sei ferwas Heemet nimmi eenicharriyets sunnscht sei keent.
Die Zeit verschallt sich schneller ass mir des marricke kenne.
Hab doch keeni Bang. 'S Lewe iss en Kreis. Mir waare immer do wu mir sinn, un warre do immer sei.

Es liegt vor euch en scheenes Wegli. Laaf mol weiter unne Sarriye, weil unsri Zeit do iss arrig katz. Es gebt nix wu dich schaediche kann.
Sei eherbaar, sei reschpekdaawel, sei trei, mach dei Volk schtohls.

English Translation:
Sons and daughters of Pennsylvania:
Listen once to what I have to say.
In a world full of sheep, be a Shepherd.
Look around at how beautiful your surroundings are.
Keep the sun rising over the Dutch Country in mind, and you will always be reminded of why “Home” could never be anywhere else but here.|
Time flies by faster than we can take notice, but don’t be afraid.
Life is a circle.  We have always been here, and will always be here.

Before you lies a beautiful path.  Walk onward further without sorrow, as our time here is short.  There is nothing that can harm you.  Be honorable, be respectable, be true, make your people proud.