The path which lead me to work as a painter was not intentional.  While I had always loved to sketch, I did not pursue art  as a discipline in my studies.  While majoring in German at Susquehanna University back in 2005, I had been taking Art History classes to fill out my course load.  Eventually after moving through the Impressionism/Expressionism movements I can remember wondering if I would be capable of manipulating oil colors with enough precision to create something equally beautiful as some of the artists I had studied.  It turns out after my first attempts, I was not.  However, the enjoyment I felt was overwhelming, and I was sold.  Since then no matter where my life has taken me, painting remains a daily practice. 

Interpreting inspiration and decoding intent are irrelevant when viewing my work.  I paint because I love to paint.  Whatever comes out is secondary.  In the end, I hope that my work reflects my own enjoyment in producing it.  Everyone could use a little more beauty in their life, and if one of my paintings can contribute in some way, then I will feel accomplished.